Our little goat farm in Maple Valley, WA

Our little goat farm in Maple Valley, WA

Sunday, June 5, 2011

GingerbRED Man; aka "Manny"

Just got some new photos of our buckling that was born at Rancho Amara on April 11.  He's 8 weeks old now-- that means only 4 weeks left before we get to bring him home!  He is a PCA (Colored Pygora) goat.  He will be our herdsire for our Pygora/PCA goats.  He is just awesome!

This is Manny at a few days old
And here he is at 8 weeks old  

He has outstanding Type A fleece (which means very soft, lots of ringlets, and very little coarse guard hair).  He will be bred to Sandie (lovely apricot PCA doe, Type B), Hottie (grey and white Type C pygora with blue eyes), and Nilla (Type A/B white pygora); and possibly Twinkie (white type C pygora).  He's got his work cut out for him.

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